The Horta Osório Family cultivates the vineyard and produces its wine in the Douro Region, the oldest  demarcated and regulated region in the world. H.O. winery has been producing wine since the eighteenth century and is the oldest wine provider for a well-known producer of the Port Region.

          In 1942, at only 11 years old, the current owner, José António Horta Osório, planted the main vineyard at the Quinta property. He always maintained a relationship with his vineyards, a great passion. After several decades, and much success working in the ​​energy industry, José decided to return to his passion of wine making. In 2008, he decided that, "When we start to invest, we invest until the end," and began the profound remodeling of the vineyard, expanding it with more land acquisitions, resulting in the Quinta dos Osórios vineyard, which spans nearly 1000 acres (40 hectares).

          Prior to 2009, the wines were only distributed locally.  However, the expansion allowed the 2010 harvest, "Colheita 2010" the first wine to be bottled and distributed by Casa Agrícola Horta Osório, SA under the brand name HO - Horta Osório Wines.

          The wine "H.O. - Colheita 2010" marks the birth of the HO - Horta Osório Wines and showcases the great ambition of José´s personal project. The very high quality of the first wine produced was an incentive to continue and the following year marked a new Colheita (H.O. -Colheita 2011) and two new wines, H.O. - Achado 2011 and H. O. - Reserva 2011.

          In 2012, at the age of  82, José António Horta Osório, built a new winery building, in its primary estate. The new structure combines the most modern winemaking equipment and technology with remarkable architecture and design. The design favours local materials, including shale, and is strategically located at the top of the  mountain where one can enjoy the stunning views of the Serra do Marão Valley to the west and the Corgo river in the east.

          The H. O. winery combines all the ideal conditions to produce the highest quality wines. The 2012 harvest wines have been fully produced here at this amazing vineyard.