The H. O. - Horta Osório wines come exclusively from grapes grown on the Quintas property in Casa Agricola Horta Osório where, other than the old vines, new vines were planted with the best traditional grape varieties of Douro, in unique terroirs.

          The grapes are harvested when they present a perfect phenolic maturity which usually occurs in the fourth week of September. The entire harvest process is done manually which allows careful selection. The grapes are transported from the vine to the winery in small 20 kg containers to ensure the grapes are in perfect condition when they arrive at the winery. The fermentation process is carefully monitored and kept at a controlled temperature. 
          All of these steps are taken to ensure the highest quality of wine.

          For white wines production, the grapes are kept in a refrigerator before the crushing process.

Consultant Winemaker: João Brito e Cunha
Resident Winemaker: Fernando Lázaro

Region: Cumieira, Baixo Corgo, Quinta dos Osórios
              "Denominação de Origem Controlada" (DOC Douro)


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